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Capitola Visitor Information

If you are planning a trip to Capitola during the Begonia Festival, there are many sources of information to find hotels and restaurants, and other fun things to do, around Santa Cruz County. Three of the most informative are the Capitola-Soquel Chamber of Commerce, the Santa Cruz County Conference and Visitor Council, and the Capitola Business Improvement Area (BIA). Click on their respective icons to visit their websites.



Shuttle Bus Service / Parking Information

Traffic in and around Capitola Village is a problem during the festival weekend. It is highly recommended that you avoid the streets in the village (The Esplanade, Stockton Ave, San Jose Ave, Capitola Ave, and Monterey St.) Believe me - you will waste a lot of time and rarely find parking there. Instead head directly for the city parking lots and ride the shuttle down. Do read the parking regulations on the City of Capitola website. Parking is strictly enforced. Some limited Handicapped Parking is indicated on the map. Click on their icon to visit their website.


Map of Capitola

ADA Access for Nautical Parade Viewing

The Capitola Begonia Festival provides two areas where physically disabled people can view the Nautical Parade on Sunday of the festival. One area is on the creek path underneath the trestle and offers a creekside view of the parade. The second area is on the beach area next to the lagoon. This area is reached by the path between Zelda's and Pizza My Heart restaurants. We place plywood boards on the sand so visitors with wheelchairs can be accomodated. Chairs are provided at both locations.

ADA Access Map